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SCS Academic Advising

SCS Academic Advising Offices are located at 110 Noyes rooms A, B & C. Email is the best way to reach us: To schedule an appointment, please click on the advisor handling the alpha split corresponding to your last name. Appointments are for current SCS majors only. Non-majors may come to Express Advising.

SCS Academic Advisors

(Click on the link Below to schedule an appointment)


Express Advising (10 minutes or less): Appointments (30 Minutes): SCS Majors only
Minor & Minor Modification Forms Major Plan of Study
Transfer to CHEM/CHBE Course Selection/ Schedule
Registration Issues Post-Graduation Discussions (career/graduate school)
Changes to current courses Study Abroad
CR/NC Forms, Departmental Appeal forms, etc. Remove Departmental Advising Holds


Express Advising

Student Advising leaders

To insure their disability-related concerns are properly addressed, students with disabilities who seek assistance to participate in services or events through our office are asked to contact scs-advising@illinois or 217-333-1051 as soon as possible.