Accounting and Grants Management

Main Functions: 

  • Reconcile and distribute monthly financial statements
  • Deposit gift funds and assist departments with gift account management
  • Process budget and expenditure transfers
  • Set up new accounts
  • Process sponsored project proposals & prepare/review budget
  • Coordinate all other pre-award and post-award sponsored project activity
  • Prepare miscellaneous financial reports
  • Maintain current/historical account files


Looking for a form or template? Go to: Proposal & Grant Information


Holly Spinner

Senior Business Analyst

♦ Manages NIH post-award portfolio
♦ Administers all gift and ICR/allowance accounts
♦ Assists with state fund administration
♦ Provides general accounting oversight for all fund types, including policy interpretation and guidance

Susan Osterbur

Senior Sponsored Research Business Analyst

♦ Supervises grants team, which includes assigning proposals and overseeing all post-award functions
♦ Assists faculty with proposals to all agencies
♦ Post-Award portfolio: All non-federal agencies (American Cancer Society, American Chemical Society, American Heart Association, Dreyfus Foundation, Sloan Foundation, etc.)

Laura Owen

Sponsored Research Business Analyst

♦ Assists faculty with proposals to all agencies
♦ Post-Award portfolio: NSF

Terry Maddock

Sponsored Research Business Analyst

♦ Assists faculty with proposals to all agencies
♦ Post-Award portfolio: Misc Federal (DOE, Army, Navy, Air Force, NASA, DTRA)