Cell Media Facility Cost of Services

Standard Cell Culture Medium *

Quantity or Type Cost
7+ L $4.50/L
4-6 L $6.00/L
2-3 L $7.25/L
1 L $8.10/L
Charcoal-dextran treatment of serum $16.00/500mL
Chemically-competent DH5alpha cells for transformation $7.50/500µL tube

* base only, some complex formulations may require an additional charge

Bacterial Growth Plates

Type Quantity
LB without antibiobiotics $0.31/plate or $5.40/ sleeve of 20
LB+Ampicillin (100µg/mL) $5.70/sleeve of 20
LB+Kanamycin (50µg/mL) $5.90/sleeve of 20
Custom LB plates (~45) $15.60/L

Equipment Use

Instrument Cost
Storm 840 imager: $7.80/scan

Custom Services

Examples Cost
--buffer solutions like PBS, HBS
--serum inactivation, broth
$12.70/hour + cost of materials

Cell Maintenance

Type of service Cost
Cell maintenance $12.70/hour
Annual cryogenic storage fee $23.00/box