SCS Surplus Electronic Equipment Disposal

SCS has implemented a procedure to simplify compliance with the State's Data Elimination from University Equipment and Delivery/Disposal of Electronic Scrap (e-scrap) policies. Please contact Mike Rhoton ( or Lori Sage-Karlson ( at 333-3257 before disposing and/or transfer of any equipment containing memory or integrated circuitry.

Individuals may perform the following steps to dispose of computers or contact to take care of it for you for a fee.

Procedure to send a computer to Surplus:

  1. Read the CITES How To page

    Software for Overwriting Data
    UIC has site licenses for special software is available to perform the data scrubbing. The software is Active Eraser for Windows (or any DOS/Bootable personal computer such as a Linux PC) The software is available through the University of Illinois WebStore, free of charge to all faculty and staff. For more information on this software, see Secure Data Erasers for Windows and Macs.
  2. Boot the appropriate disk scrubbing software.
  3. Configure the software to overwrite 1 time.
  4. Start the software.
  5. When the overwriting process has finished, complete a surplus tag, filling in all the information requested. Please print in large block letters! Labels have been distributed to your group's safety personnel or you can make your labels by downloading the following file and printing it on Avery label paper.
    Avery 5160 (30 labels/sheet, 1" x 2 5/8") (Clicking will download a MS Word document)

    Avery 5163 (10 labels/sheet, 2" x 4") (Clicking will download a MS Word document)
  6. Affix the tag to the computer case where appropriate.
  7. Deliver to Shipping and Receiving 29a Roger Adams Lab.
  8. OBFS may recoup costs for handling or returning machines discovered to be non-compliant with data elimination standards, at the expense of the originator.

Details of campus policies can be found at the Equipment Disposal Methods (OBFS Policy Manual, Section 12)