Micromass 70-VSE EI/CI/FD/FI

(Acquired new in 1990, used in 1997, and used in 2002)70vse

The 70-VSEs are high resolution (>50,000), extended geometry, 8 kV mass spectrometers with GC and an effective mass range of 1-6,000 Da. One is equipped with an EI/CI ion source, another with EI/CI and FD, and another with FAB. The EI/CI source can be operated in the alternating CI/EI (ACE) mode in which CI and EI scans are alternated rapidly (0.3 sec between scans). ACE eliminates the need to perform separate EI and CI runs. The data system is the TSSPro3.0 system (run on a PC under Windows XP) by Shrader Analytical & Consulting Laboratories, Inc. The fully laminated magnets can be scanned as fast as 0.05 sec/decade. The 70-VSEs are especially suited for capillary column GC/MS and have HP 5890 GCs. Direct introduction of the effluent into the ion source requires the use of narrow bore (0.25 mm) capillary columns.

The 70-VSEs are the primary instruments for EI (LR and HR), CI (LR and HR), FAB (LR), FD (LR), FI (LR), GC/MS (LREI, HREI, LRCI, HRCI, and LRFI), and isotope ratio measurements.