The SCS Storeroom will be reopening for in-person purchases on Monday, June 14th at 8:00AM. Email orders will no longer be processed after that time EXCEPT for orders for gloves. Disposable gloves will not be available on the shelves so please see a member of the Storeroom staff to purchase them. Dry ice will be moved back into the Storeroom and will need to be purchased through the standard checkout process. The two entrances to RAL that will be available during business hours are the northwest entrance and the double doors at the Receiving dock on the south side of the building.

Storeroom Personnel

General inquiries: (217) 333-3564 or

Karla Southern

photo of Karla SouthernSCS Construction Project Coordinator
SCS Storeroom Coordinator

94 Roger Adams Lab
(217) 244-0985

Beth Gregory

Storekeeper 3

94 Roger Adams Lab
(217) 333-3564

Kelly Clem

Storekeeper 2

94 Roger Adams Lab
(217) 333-3564


Stevon Primm

Storekeeper 1

94 Roger Adams Lab
(217) 333-3564


Storeroom General Rules

  • Remove gloves in lab before coming to storeroom
  • Use bottle carriers to transport liquid chemicals in quanities larger than 250ml.

Chemical Hazard Classification (GHS) Safety Data Sheets' Links