Cell Media Facility Contact/Request Materials

photo of CMF office doors

Please direct any requests, suggestions, or other inquiries to the facility director, Dr. Sandy McMasters, using the following email address: smattick@illinois.edu or by phone: (217) 244-5898.  The facility occupies both 490 and 491 RAL.  It is located in southeast corner of north RAL.

Orders for plates and media may be placed via email (smattick@illinois.edu).  Please include your research group, 19 digit account number, and the date that you need the material. 

For plate orders please provide a detailed description including the concentrations of any required antibiotics. 

For cell culture media orders, please provide a detailed description or catalog number and the desired bottle size (500ml or 1000ml). Your description should include information about any serum or antibiotic requirements.  Please also indicate whether the medium should contain phenol red or L-Glutamine.