SCS Liquid Nitrogen Training

REQUIRED: Please place all dated and signed SCS Liquid N2 training documentation(s) in the: Red Group Safety Binder located in the lab (see group safety representative for details).

NOTE: Each person in the group using SCS Liquid Nitrogen Room will need to sign/date the training documentation(s) before using the SCS Liquid Nitrogen Room.

  • Safety Training is done once a year. At minimum the group safety representative is required to attend – all lab personnel may attend as well. Please Note: If just the safety representative that attends this annual training, then it becomes the group safety representative’s responsibility to train any other personnel associated with their research group. Training done by the group safety representative will need to be documented in the safety binder as well.
  • Anyone using the Liquid Nitrogen fill station are required to wear the following safety items:
    1. Goggles
    2. Temperature Approved Gloves
    NOTE: It is mandatory that each lab using the Liquid Nitrogen room have these safety items available for their entire group.
  • When filling large dewars - Liquid N2 fills are to use the direct feed method.
  • When filling dewars in smaller quantities - the direct feed method is not allowed. Instead one of the two dewars located in RAL 35 or the one in NL 56 must be used.

During daytime working hours please contact SCS Receiving (29a RAL), 333-3257, with any questions, problems, or accidental breakage of equipment

In case of an emergency after hours, please contact public safety at 333-1216.