(Located in A149 CLSL)
A multi-nuclear, 600-MHz, 5-mm, solutions NMR spectrometer limited to existing, authorized NMR users.
Prospective users need to be checked out as standard NMR users before submitting samples to the B600.
In addition, users need to establish an account on the B600 with the NMR Staff,
and be trained on automation by the Staff or a trained member of their group.



Available probes:
The BBO Prodigy Probe typically in the magnet is a 5-mm broadband probe, operating at room temperature.
This probe enables us to do heteronuclei (e.g., 13C)-19F correlation-type experiments, but it does not allow us to perform 1H-19F correlation experiments.
In addition, a standby, room temperature, broadband probe is otherwise available.

General Capabilities:
This Bruker 600 MHz spectrometer is equipped with a Prodigy probe and a SampleXpress autosampler.
Sample loading, tuning, locking, shimming and data acquisition are all automated.
Users select NMR experiments and parameters from menus.

Unique Prodigy Probe Capabilities:

  • About 2-3-fold higher sensitivity than a non-CryoProbe 600.
  • 13C acquisition with standard 1H decoupling.
  • 13C acquisition with 19F decoupling.   
  • 13C acquisition with 2H decoupling.
  • 13C acquisition with simultaneous 1H and 2H decoupling.


Host Computer:
Linux (CentOS 7) running Bruker TopSpin 4.1.0 and IconNMR.


General Resources: