Basic Training Packet

  1. Acknowledgment and Co-Authorship Guidelines – SCS NMR Lab
  2. Introductory NMR Videos
    Welcome to the NMR Lab... and click on "Spotlight on the NMR Lab"
    (Thanks to our co-star, Katie Maloof, a former undergrad member of the Hergenrother Group, and now a chemistry grad student at Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville.)
    NMR Training - Safe Sample Entry and Removal
    NMR Training - Sample Management
  3. NMR Lab Overview
  4. ChemFOM Registration Instructions
  5. NMR Basics
  6. How NMR Works - Agilent Technologies
  7. NMR Basics Test
  8. NMR Crossword Training Puzzle
  9. Acquisition Time and Spectral Width in NMR
  10. Obtaining and Installing Mnova NMR Software
  11. ChemDraw for Select Users, Feb 2019
  12. Fulmer 2010 NMR Solvents Reference Table
    (NMR Chemical Shifs of Trace Impurities: Common Laboratory Solvents, Organics, and Gases in Deuterated Solvents Relevant to the Organometallic Chemist) 
    Fulmer 2010 NMR Solvents Supplement
    NMR Chemical Shifts of Trace Impurities: Industrially Preferred Solvents Used in Process and Green Chemistry
  13. NMR Training Sequence
  14. Location and Names of NMR Spectrometers in the SCS
  15. NMR Lab - Staff Contact Information
  16. Remote Access of NMR Data
  17. Connecting to SAMBA - the NMR Data Server
  18. Two Common NMR Problems
  19. Michigan State Helpful Link and Web site
    Thanks to the NMR staff at Michigan State University for the helpful information at this link.
  20. CHEM 530 textbook - Spectroscopic Methods in Organic Chemistry by Dudley Williams and Ian Fleming
    Guide to the interpretation of ultraviolet, infrared, nuclear magnetic resonance and mass spectra of organic compounds. It is useful for a first course in the application of these techniques to structure determination, as well as a handbook for synthetic organic chemists.
  21. Magnet Accident and Quench Photos
  22. Common Problems in NMR and How to Fix Them, by Allan M. Torres, William S. Price, 2017
  23. ACS Ethical Guidelines for Acknowledgements and Co-Authorship
  24. NMR Tutorials On-Line
  25. Spectroscopy Practice Problems