Instruments and Techniques

All results for elemental analysis are calculated based on a known value of a standard. A computer then calculates the ratio of the sample output to the standard output to arrive at a value. The standards used are all traceable back to NIST primary standards and all instruments are checked with a NIST primary standards on a regular basis to assure day to day accuracy of results. 

All results, unless noted otherwise, will be reported as % by weight.




  • CHN Analysis
    • Exeter Analytical CE 440
  • ICP Analysis
  • Halide Analysis
    • Thermo Scientific *Orin* Ion Selective Electrodes
      • Bromide Combination Probe
      • Chlorine Combination Probe
      • Fluoride Combination Probe
      • Iodide Combination Probe
    • Fisher Scientific Accumet pH/Ion meter 25
    • Schöniger oxygen combustion flask