UI500NB Information

Varian Unity INOVA 500NB


(Located in 146 RAL) A three channel, multinuclear solution FT-NMR instrument. All channels have waveform generators with pulse shaping capability. Pulsed Field Gradient (PFG) capability (Z only) available.

Available probes:

  • 5mm Varian 1H{13C/15N} PFG Z probe (default probe)
  • 5mm Varian 1H{31P/X} PFG Z probe
  • 5mm Varian 1H/X probe, X=31P-15N
  • 10mm Varian 15N-31P Broadband probe.

Host Computer:

  • Sun Ultra10
  • Solaris 8
  • VnmrJ 2.1B