Toxic Gas List

Toxic Gases List

Below is a list of toxic gases that must be stored under continuous ventilation either in a fume hood or ventilated gas cabinet. If you place an order for any of these gases, SCS safety personnel will be notified and will need to verify that the gases will be able to be properly stored before the order can be approved.

Gas Toxic (NFPA Rank)
Ammonia 3
Arsine 4
Boron Trichloride 3
Boron Trifluoride 3
1,3-Butadience 2
Carbon Monoxide 3
Chlorine 3
Diborane 4
Dichlorosilane 4
Dimethylamine 3
Ethlene Oxide 3
Fluorine 4
Hydrogen Bromide 3
Hydrogen Chloride 3
Hydrogen Cyanide 4
Hydrogen Fluoride 4
Hydrogen Sulfide 4
Methyl Chloride 2
Monomethylamine 3
Nitric Oxide 3
Nitrogen Dioxide 3
Ozone 4
Phosgene 4
Phosphine 4
Sulfur Dioxide 3
Sulfur Tetrafluoride 4
Trimethylamine 3
Vinyl Chloride 2