Computer Center Service Rates for FY2013


Service Non-SCS Users
(Full Cost)
SCS Users
Web Storage (Web pages, Wikis)* N/A $0.10 GB/mo   ($1.20 GB/yr)
Disk Storage (first TB) * $0.06 GB/mo $0.05 GB/mo   ($0.60 GB/yr)
Disk Storage (above 1TB)* $0.06 GB/mo $0.025 GB/mo  ($0.30 GB/yr)
SCS Email N/A The first 100 MB No Charge
101 MB and up $0.01 MB/Month
Tape Backup (first TB) N/A $0.04 GB/mo
Tape Backup (above 1TB) N/A $0.02 GB/mo
Consulting $37.95/hour $25/hour


*Disk Storage includes Tape Backup