Submit a Sample

To submit samples for mass spectrometry analysis, log into the Mass Spectrometry Login Page, then click on the appropriate "Submit Sample" link for the type of analysis you are requesting.  Please see the links to the right for sample submissions guidelines, sample preparation tips, and information on retrieving your sample results. 

We are in the process of migrating to a new sample submission system called "FBS". Please continue to use the current system until you are invited to use the new system. Instructions for accessing your account on the new system will be sent to you via email.

NOTE: There are special requirements for GC/MS and LC/MS. If you have any questions, please ask Furong Sun (

For UIUC Users:

Fill out the sample submission online form and bring the samples to Room 41B Noyes Lab. Use the computer in this room to check them in. Samples must be checked in so that lab staff knows the samples have been brough to the lab. Your samples will not be run unless they are properly submitted online and checked in. Samples must be placed in the sample holders or in the freezer in Room 41B unless "call for sample" is indicated on the form. Completed samples are placed in the freezer door if you requested lab staff to keep the unused samples cold. If you have any questions about sample submission, sample check in or where to place the samples, you may ask any lab staff member to help you.

For External Users: 

Users from outside the University of Illinois need to fill out a Technical Testing Agreement before sending samples. Samples should be mailed to:

We will check the samples in when they arrive.