Waters Synapt G2-Si ESI/LC-MS (2014)

(acquired 2014)synaptg2

The Waters Synapt G2-Si ESI MS is a high resolution electrospray mass spectrometer that is also capable of performing LC-MS. Using Water’s Stepwave technology to reduce background noise and eliminate neutrals, a higher signal to noise ratio is reached than traditional Q-TOF instruments. With over 50,000 FWHM mass resolving power and <1 ppm mass error, the Synapt offers HR-MS at sensitivities on the order of picograms. Improvements to the linearity of TOF detector responses have led to a dynamic range of up to 104 and up the 30 spectra/second enabling HD-MRM and HD-DDA methods. The Synapt will also be capable of performing MS/MS experiments in order to elucidate molecular structures of small molecules. For more information please see:

Waters' Synap G2-Si Instrument Page