UI600 Information


(Located in 55 NL) 1H Freq: 600 MHz (14.09 Tesla)

A three channel, multinuclear solution Varian Unity Inova NMR instrument. All channels have waveform generators with pulse shaping capability. Pulsed Field Gradient (PFG) capability (X, Y, Z) available.

Available probes:

  • 5mm Varian AutoTuneX 1H/X PFG Z probe, X=31P-15N (-80 to +130°C)
  • 5mm Varian 1H{13C/15N} PFG X, Y, Z probe (-20 to +80°C)
  • 10mm Varian 15N-31P Broadband probe (-150 to +150°C)


General Specifications:

  • Homonuclear and heteronuclear decoupling.
  • All BioPack pulse sequences available
  • Variable temperature capability with a range dependent upon the probe.
  • FTS(-80°C) cooler unit and liquid nitrogen VT bucket (-150°C)

Host Computer:

  • SunBlade10
  • Solaris 8
  • VNMRJ 2.1B