Mass Spec Rates

(per sample unless otherwise indicated)
University of Illinois Rate Non-UI Academic
Non-Academic Rate
Low Resolution MS $10.05 $22.64 $45
High Resolution MS $11.41 $27.89 $55
GC-MS $11.41 $27.89 $55
LC-MS $11.41 $27.89 $55
MS-MS $11.41 $27.89 $55
Isotope Ratio $10.05 $22.64 $45
Self-Run Instrument Use (per hour) $51 NA NA
Self-Run LC of GC MS $7.65 NA NA
  • University of Illinois Rate pertains to all MSL users of the University of Illinois including the Urbana-Champaign, Chicago, and Springfield campuses.
  • Non-UI Academic Rate pertains to all other schools.
  • Non-Academic Rate pertains to everyone else.
  • The University of Illinois Rate has been computed based on the average operating costs of the MSL.
  • Non-UI Academic and Non-Academic Rates include additional overhead expenses.