Student Shop Course

REQUIRED for anyone using the machine tools in the Student Shop.
Recommended for anyone who will be working with instrument design, construction, modification or repair.

Creating new instruments and repairing existing devices frequently requires mechanical design and machining. The Student Shop Class teaches undergraduates, graduate students, and post-doctoral fellows to use machine tools, thus gaining an appreciation of the basics of mechanical design and the limitations of fabrication techniques.

The class is taught in the Student Machine Shop, 48 Noyes Laboratory. A sign-up sheet is maintained in the Shop. Classes are limited to 4 people at a time. Classes may be scheduled for 3-4 hour periods during normal shop hours. 

Techniques taught include basic milling, drilling, lathe turning, soldering, and sawing. The student makes a project demonstrating knowledge of each of these techniques. Safe practices are emphasized throughout. Of equal importance, the generation and interpretation of machine drawings are discussed. It is through such drawings that scientists and machinists can communicate.

Course Cost

For SCS Personnel


For Non-SCS Personnel


How to Enroll:

Contact: David Williams,