2020 SCS Science Image Challenge

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Winner - Main Category

Fatal Coronavirus Spike Forest: SARS-COV2 fuses to and enters human cells upon binding of its spike proteins to human receptors. Our simulation model captures a realistic representation of spike proteins and their dynamics on the surface of the coronavirus (rendered with VMD)

Author: Tianle Chen, Tajkhorshid Lab, Center for Biophysics and Quantitative Biology, Department of Biochemistry, Department of Chemistry, Beckman Institute


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Cover Art Category

Winner - Cover Art Category

Star strategy shows sense: The cover image depicts an artistic representation of star-shaped DNA nanostructures binding to the surface of dengue virus particles in a polyvalent, pattern-matching fashion for rapid/sensitive diagnosis and potent inhibition of viral infections.

Winner Xing Wang Lab, Department of Chemistry
Image Credits: Xing Wang (Department of Chemistry) and Tulsi Voralia (Senior Art Editor-Nature Research)