2021 SCS Science Image Challenge

Winner - Main Category

Seizing the DarknessPresented is a cross-polarized microscopy image of a crystallized anticancer drug material, Amonafide, prepared by solution printing. By tuning the solution printing speed, the crystalline behavior of Amonafide is controlled, and at a very high speed, it forms the as shown crystallite within the dark amorphous region.

Azzaya Khasbaatar and Prapti Kafle, Diao Lab, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering




Finalists - Main Category

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Winner - Cover Art Category

Macromolecules self-assemble to form different types of disordered aggregates depending on their monomer sequence and chemistry. New machine learning approaches offer insight into and control over these processes to design new functional nanomaterials for energy, medicine, and beyond. 

Antonia Statt, Materials Science and Engineering and Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering and Wesley Reinhart, Pennsylvania State University